Which Replica Watch Will You Choose Between Rolex Submariner And GMT-Master II?

Several years ago, the sport watches of Rolex were not as popular as dress watches. However, the sport watches including the Submariner and GMT-Master II could be considered as the brand’s most popular models now. These two perfect copy Rolex watches also look similar except the bezels. Many watch lovers couldn’t make the decision between these two popular collections.

The green Submariner is the most popular diving watch due to its fresh and pure color-matching.
Green Dial Rolex Submariner Fake Watch

The burst of the Submariner could date back to the Baselworld in 2010. Rolex launched two models with date window, causing the heat in watchmaking industry. Now it is 2019, these two Submariner are still one of the most popular diving watches now. The Oystersteel case fake Rolex Submariner has been favored by numerous people by its high performance. The green version is even much more popular with its brilliant and bright appearance.

The blue and red ceramic bezel is eye-catching.
Jubilee Bracelet Rolex GMT-Master II Imitation Watch

Last year, Rolex launched the red and blue ceramic bezel imitation watch to enrich the family of GMT-Master II, making it the most popular sporty watch. Comparing to the Submariner, the GMT is only water resistant to 100 meters but it could display two time zones which is convenient to the global travelers. So they have their own advantages. Which one are you interested more?

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