Well-Designed And Popular Rolex Fake Watches For Hot Recommendation

In the end of 1950s of last century, Rolex developed on basis of the original Turn-O-Graph Ref.6202 to create the two time zones to help a aviation company solve the problem of checking the time in different time zones during the flight. It was the perfect replica watch with 24- hour indication and bidirectional rotatable bezel that was ordered by Peru’s military with huge production.

The black and red bezel is eye-catching and recognizable.
Black Dial Replica Rolex

Later, Rolex cooperated with Coca Cola, launching the famous blue and red bezel imitation Rolex. It is also called as Cola Rolex. While the models cooperated with Pepsi are called as Pepsi Rolex.

The rainbow bezel presents the brand's high level of watchmaking craftsmanship.
Rainbow Bezels Copy Rolex Watches

While the timepieces with rainbow bezels have been favored by many watch fans. What is rainbow Daytona? In fact, it is the Daytona with colored diamonds paved bezel in a hue of the rainbow. The Everose gold case Rolex Daytona knockoff watch is really eye-catching with the shiny diamonds and gemstones.

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