Review Of Special Fake Rolex Cellini Prince Watches

Benvenuto Cellini is the famous artist, goldsmith and sculptor of Italian Renaissance. The appealing Cellini series of Rolex is named after him, reflecting the classic and elegant feature of the watches. In this post, I’d like to share you noble watches copy Rolex Cellini Prince.

The special copy watches have transparent sapphire backs.
Transparent Sapphire Backs Copy Rolex Cellini Prince Watches

The 45*29 mm replica watches are in shape of rectangle that are different with the other circle watches. They have totally five versions made from 18ct gold, white gold and everose gold and matched with black or brown alligator leather straps. The versions can be regarded as dress watches and they have transparent sapphire backs.

The special replica watches have rectangle cases.
Rectangle Replica Rolex Cellini Prince Watches

Besides, the elaborate watches fake Rolex have three kinds of dials with patterns of “clou de Paris”, “godron circulaire” and “rayon flamméde la gloire”. You can see large main 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph dials on the top and small 60-second chronograph sub-dials on the bottom.

The first Cellini Prince was launched in 1928. However, at the end of 1940s, the fine versions stopped production.

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