Memorable Nicknames Of Swiss Luxury Fake Rolex Watches Sale Online

Interesting nicknames will let it easy for the watch lovers to remember the exact fake watches for sale. Also, they will endow the watches with distinctiveness and fun.
If you’re trying to conceal an extramarital affair, you generally don’t want a record of the tryst engraved in gold. But that didn’t stop Marilyn Monroe from presenting John F. Kennedy with a gold bracelet fake Rolex Day-Date inscribed on the caseback as follows:

With love as always
May 29th, 1962
Kennedy, recognizing that Monroe had just blown up his spot in the form of a luxury timepiece, chose not to wear the watch. But he became the first president to own the exciting new perfect fake Rolex Day-Date, which had been released in 1956, and his successor Lyndon Johnson became the first president to strut around the White House with one on his arm. The watch has been known as the President ever since, though JFK’s could just as easily have been nicknamed the Mullet: business up front, party in the back.
Paul Newman

The moniker ‘Paul Newman’ is so commonplace in the watch collecting community now that it’s almost hard to believe it was called anything else. But when it was first released in the 1960s, it was referred to as an aaa quality “Exotic Dial” Rolex Daytona fake because of the unusual square-ended markers on the sub-dials. And as the story goes, no one wanted them.
Fast forward to the early 1990s, Italian and American watch dealers started picking up these exotic dial Daytonas by the hundreds (no joke) and gave them the new title of ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona, all because of one famous photo of a certain blue-eyed actor. The name stuck. What is now arguably the most famous (or at least recognizable) vintage watch drew its identity from a singular image of a singular man, and it changed the entire way we think about and collect vintage watches.

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