Introducing The Development History Of Classic Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches

Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon were all fond of the Rolex Day-Date, making the timepieces popular all over the world. That is also why we called the gold Day-Date the president watch. Besides of the American presidents, many popular stars and outstanding elites favor the precious fake watches .

The gold Day-Date looks very luxury and noble.
Champagne Dial Knockoff Rolex Day-Date

The first generation Day-Date Ref.6511 has been equipped with calibre 1055, which is modifying the components of date and day based on the calibre 1030. The next year, the movement has been improved to be calibre 1055B, and this is another time that Rolex used its exclusive patent on the Day-Date. The accurate Rolex Day-Date copy watches have been of higher performance after the improvement.

Day-Date are always made from precious metal.
White Gold Case Replica Rolex

In 1959, with the launch of the calibre1555, which had been regarded as the most practical and luxurious movement of Rolex at that time, the Day-Date was highly evaluated with great accuracy and shock-proof effect at the time. Its influence to collectors is still there till now. Till 1977, Ref.1803 was suspended. During the period, Rolex was changed its details twice. The glass had been changed to sapphire crystal, offering better waterproofness. The water resistance is changed from 50 meters to 100 meters. In 1972, the second hand could be stopped by the pusher on the side.

1n 1988, automatic Rolex imitation watch has been equipped with the new calibre 3135 which has been regarded as king of the self-winding mechanical movement. It offers greater precision and resistance to temperature variation. Day and date can be directly adjusted to the right one. 40mm Day-Date had been launched in 2015 as many men had so strong arms. Meanwhile, the models with 41mm diameter had been suspended. Now Rolex only manufactured the Day-Date in 36mm and 40mm.

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