Cheap Rolex Explorer Replica Watches With Swiss Automatic Movement

Watch enthusiasts are obsessive about many things. These range from how crisp the clicks sound while rotating a dive watch bezel to the perfect size of a luxury fake watch. However, the thing that they obsess about the most is that very intangible of things: value. Now, the definition of the value of a watch depends on who you ask. For the well-heeled collector, it is either the re-sale value of a luxury watch, which may or may not have something to do with the precious metals used in the watch’s construction, or just how complicated and decorated the movement is. Both these aspects overlap with other aspects like the level of artisanship involved, or the popularity or rarity of a particular reference that came out in a particular year. They also overlap with the price a luxury watch brand’s marquee timepiece fetches at, say, a Sotheby’s auction.

And yet, at both end of the spectrum of watch buyers, value remains. At the upper end, take, for example the cheap copy Rolex Explorer. The line was launched in 1953, as Rolex cashed in on the ascent of Everest (and the fact that members of the expedition carried a Rolex watch, an early and brilliant marketing strategy). With its svelte 36mm case, superior water resistance, the iconic 3, 6 and 9 in Arabic numerals and the Mercedes-style handset, it became the ultimate adventure watch. In fact, when Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels, he pictured his spy wearing an Explorer, one that Fleming himself wore.
From 1989, the Swiss movement replica Rolex Explorer ceased to be a sports watch, and turned into a luxury sports watch, with higher grade stainless steel, elements of white gold in the watch, a top-notch COSC-certified movement, and a sapphire crystal taking over from the old acrylic. Since then, the case size has been bumped up to a more modern 39mm, but as this year’s excellent back-to-36mm Explorer shows, its appeal is timeless. And, at ₹4,61,700, it’s certainly luxurious.

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