Brief Introduction Of Legendary Cal.4130 Of Rolex Daytona Replica Watches

Nowadays Rolex has occupied an important status in watchmaking industry and it really makes great contribution to the field of watchmaking especially the achievement of movement. Now many watch brands are proud of their in-house manufactured movement. Of course Rolex has been well-known by their accurate in-house manufactured movement.

The three sub-dials always make the Daytona very recognizable.
Black Dial Replica Rolex Daytona

But not all the movement of Rolex were manufactured by themselves at the beginning. Today we will talk about the development history of the famous Cal.4130. The perfect fake Rolex watches had also used the movement of other watch brands. For example, since the launch of Daytona in 1961, many models had been equipped with Valjoux 72, manual-winding mechanical movement.

The famous calibre 4130 is entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex.
Cal.4130 Of Extraordinary Imitation Rolex Daytona

Till 1988, Rolex abandoned Valjoux 72 and equipped the legendary “El Primero” that Zenith manufactured. But Rolex made some changes including canceling the date module. The Cal.4030 amounted on the Daytona previously was not a completely self-manufactured movement. It was evolved by “El Primero”. After decades of trial and exploring, Rolex launched the in-house manufactured movement, which is Cal.4130. The Cal.4130 equipped on the precise Rolex Daytone knockoff watches are very popular by the great reliability.

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